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Best Hot Water System prices and advice in Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Bribie Island and Gympie

Look no further than SunCity Hot Water for value for money honest services for all the different brands and their types. With 20+ years of experience in providing services in South East Queensland. We act as Service Agents for most of the brands and stand out in exceeding customer satisfaction.  

Trust is with confidence for servicing products for Rheem, AquaMAX, Vulcan, Bosch, AVG and Envirosun and many more. .

Call US NOW on  1300 728 122 (General Office Hours: 7:30am – 4pm, Monday to Friday) and if you need us After Hours or on the Weekend, simply give us a call on 0413 861 166.

Servicing the Sunshine coast, from north Brisbane, Caboolture, Bribie Island, Maleny and the Hinterland right through to Gympie. 

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Why Us?

SunCity Hot Water have been specialists in the hot water industry for over 2 decades now.

SunCity Hot Water repair, replace and service all brands of hot water heaters such as Rheem, AquaMAX, Vulcan, Bosch, Envirosun, Enviroheat, iStore, Solahart, Edwards, Dux and Rinnai just to name a few.

We have been in business and servicing the southeast QLD areas, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Brisbie Island, Nth Brisbane and Gympie regions for 20+ years now.

We are highly trusted within the industry and are the Authorised Service and Warranty agents for a large number of the reputable manufactures in the Australian hot water market, so should you ever have a problem, we can fix and get your hot water system working again.

We carry a large range of spare parts for most brands of hot water systems.


We are 100% Local, support Locally owned

We service

Sunshine Coast



We do also travel outside these areas regularly for repairs, services and installations, give us a call if you’re not in this area, we might be able to get to you very soon


Our Prices are 100% transparent. No Surprises, just honest and very competitive price

Easy payment plans for Electric, Gas, Heat Pump and Solar hot water systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

We supply and install Electric, Gas, Solar and Heat Pump hot water systems from as little as $20 per week (TAP*+T&C’s)

We have a large range of hot water systems including Bosch heat pumps, Rheem manufactured AquaMAX electric’s in mild steel and stainless steel cylinder types, Rheem manufactured Vulcan gas storage tanks and Bosch, Rheem + Rinnai instant gas hot water systems in stock in our warehouse, we also can get all brands and types of hot water systems available

We are a private family owned company, that provides you with a completely 100% honest, unbiased and factual advise. We have been specialising in this industry for over 20 years

Be careful of those, who quote you the installation and then charge extra for valves. It is a Council Regulation and a must requirement to be fitted to every system for warranty on your new hot water heater. If you experience any issues during warranty, we can fix it for you.

We have a high level integrity and honesty in our business, we have lived locally for most of our lives and have families here. We will be here for life and we pride ourselves on a very fair competitive price for a exceptional service. We give a life time guarantee on our workmanship within the manufacture’s warranty periods and life expectancy for all of the products we use. Call us Now, its that’s easy to get hot water TODAY

We hold in our warehouse a large range of Electric, Solar, Gas and Heat Pump hot water systems, this allows for a quick turnaround in getting you back into hot water with as little disruption and hassle to your everyday life, should your system need replacement in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

We also carry a vast range of spare parts to repair most hot water system brands and models. Deal with the trades people that know what they are talking about, we can repair most hot water heaters in 99% of cases, as long as you tank is not leaking and is not a 100 years old, we have the parts in stock to do this TODAY.

Whether it be a electric, gas, solar or heat pump hot water system we more than likely have the parts needed to fix your heater.

All our Plumbers and Gasfitters also have restricted electrical licenses to carry out the electrical repairs and replacements on most hot water heaters, this saves you money in only needing to organize one business, SunCity Hot Water Plumbing do the whole job without you the risk of engaging the unlicensed ones who think just having a plumbers license is good enough to do repairs and installations, always ask to see licenses they need to have.

We thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we go through all our pages.

SunCity Hot Water Plumbing provide fast and reliable services. Immediate attention for those annoying emergencies and most other works completed  within 24hrs of your call, in most cases or at a time that suits you.

Hot water is 95% of our business, we have specialized in this area 20+ years now, being one of the first company servicing Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We have seen many changes within the industry, along with all the wanna be cowboy’s trying to duplicate us. They come and go, generally after they have been caught out doing the wrong thing and substandard installations leaving a trail of angry consumers. We actually know what we are talking about and how hot water systems really work, we can diagnose faults and repair all types of electric water heaters. We will not just try and sell you a new one, so give us a call and you will know the difference in talking to a knowledgeable technician.

We service, repair and replace all types and brands of hot water heaters on the Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane and Gympie regions

Electric Hot Water Heaters

(AquaMAX, Rheem, Stellar, Dux, Thermann, Vulcan, Rinnai and more)

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

(, Envirosun, Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Solahart, Edwards, Dux, Apricus, Conergy, Sunrain and more)

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

(Envirosun, Enviroheat, Bosch, Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, iStore, Evoheat, Midea, Reclaim, Sanden, Hydrotherm and more)

Gas Hot Water Systems

(Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Dux and more)

Repairs - Services - Replacements

(All brands and All types of Solar hot water systems, Electric hot water heaters, Heat Pump hot water and Gas hot water systems)

We hold in our warehouse a large range of Electric, Solar, Gas and Heat Pump hot water systems, this allows for a quick turnaround in getting you back into hot water with as little disruption and hassle to your everyday life, should your system need replacing in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

We also carry a vast range of spare parts to repair most hot water system brands and models.

Deal with the tradespeople that know what they are talking about, we can repair most hot water heaters, in 99% of cases, as long as you tank is not leaking and is not a 100 years old. We have the parts in stock to do this TODAY!

Whether its an electric, gas, solar or heat pump hot water system, we have all the parts needed to fix your heater.

All our Plumbers and Gasfitters also have restricted electrical licenses to carry out the electrical repairs and replacements on most hot water heaters. SunCity Hot Water Plumbing do the whole job without a glitch.

Electric Hot Water Systems

SunCity Hot Water repairs, service and replace electric water heaters of all brands, types and sizes. SunCity work with most of the leading electric hot water system manufacture’s in Australia and is one of the leading trusted and authorised service warranty agent.

Though electric hot water heaters have a lower upfront cost, they can be quite costly to run. An electric hot water heater can count for 1/3 of your electricity bill. Electric hot water heaters come in tank storage types that range from 25 litres through to 400 litres.

With storage electric hot water heaters, the water temperature is maintained by a thermostat controlled element. Some homes with electric hot water systems have an off-peak heating tariff in the electrical switch board where hot water is heated during times of that tariff. In Queensland these are called T31 and T33 and are offered and at a reduced rate than your general power supply.

In an average home of 2 adults and 2 children you would expect to have a hot water running cost somewhere between $800 to $1200 per year in power for an electric hot water system. 

There are state government rebates on removing your electric hot water heater and installing and solar or heat pump, except Queensland which is huge disappointment and mismanagement in the push for lowering the carbon footprint for Queensland

SunCity Hot Water carry all of the components for all major Australian approved brands of electric hot water heaters in our service vehicles and warehouse. This means that we can have your hot water back up and running on the initial visit.

We also constantly have dozens of electric hot water systems in stock and also can install within 24hrs or even the same day in most cases.

Don’t delay, give us a call TODAY on 1300 728 122, we will get your household back in hot water super fast.

Same day hot water specialists for AquaMAX, Rheem, Vulcan, Dux, Rinnai and Thermann hot water heaters

Gas Hot Water Systems

Looking for someone to sort out your gas hot water system on the Sunshine Coast, north Brisbane, Bribie Island and Gympie

SunCity Hot Water can repair, service and replace all brands and types of gas hot water systems. We stock a large range of gas hot water systems from all major brands like Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan, Dux and Bosch.

Gas hot water systems come in both the storage tank that have capacities of 90. 135 and 170 litres and the instantaneous heating tankless systems that are the size of a small suitcase and mount on your eternal wall, a good option when space is a issue , a great way to free up path space down the side of your home. They come in different flow per minute rates from 10 litres to a massive 32 litres per minute

Although gas hot water heater systems comparable cost for supply installation, the running costs are usually slightly lower than electric if in areas with Natural Gas mains, but in areas where LPG bottles are required you could expect a higher running cost of 15-25% greater than what an electric off peak powered system will cost you to heat the water within.  Although we are hearing reports of people being charged $1.20 – $1.50 a day for the gas service just being connected to your home, the gas is charge on top of this. 

SunCity have been repairing, servicing and replacing gas hot water systems for over the past 23 years. We service everywhere from the Sunshine Coast to the Brisbane River including Bribie Island and north to Gympie.  We have full time permanent hot water specialist staff that live in these regions.

For all your gas hot water needs sorted in one phone call, call us at SunCity today on 1300 728 122 for fast reliable service.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

SunCity Hot Water are the technical experts when it comes to heat pump hot water systems. We can repair, service and maintain most of the reputable brands of heat pump hot water heaters.

A heat pump hot water system works similar to air conditioner, but in reverse, like when you walk behind a air conditioner and its pumping hot air out the back. This system use the heat to transfer it to the water in different ways by different brands via pipes wrapped around the outside of the storage tank, internally within the water for by extracting the water and flowing it through heating plate and returning to the cylinder, they are extremely efficient and very cheap to run compared to a standard electric or gas hot water systems.

Very efficient and highly environmentally friendly when operating they use 1kw of power to generate 4kw of heating ability.

We stock in our warehouse the Bosch Compressor 3000, a 100% European made heat pump, quality made as you would expect from a name like Bosch. They are very competitively price against the leaders in the heat pump brands.

We also recommend another German manufacturer, Stiebel Eltron brand and warn people to be very wary when choosing a heat pump water heater for your home, unfortunately there are a lot of no name Chinese systems in the Australian hot water market, that are terrible.

SunCity Hot Water’s highly skilled technicians can tell you everything you need to know about your existing heat pump if you are experiencing difficulties, we carry a large range of spare parts for the major reputable brands or we can advise you if a new heat pump hot water system is for you, what the advantages and disadvantages that can change in every situation.

Call us TODAY on 1300 728 122 for a complete honest and unbiased advice.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Servicing all of the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane North. We are your local hot water specialists. We cover all major Australian suppliers of hot water systems including Rheem, Bosch, Apricus, Solahart, Edwards, Rinnai, Kelvinator, Envirosun, Conergy, Dux and Chromagen. As we service and repair all brands of solar hot water systems, you know you are getting expert and unbiased advice not just a sales focussed company enforcing to sell you a new one.

Solar hot water systems harness the natural energy from the sun to heat water. In a solar heating system, water travels through a solar collector which absorbs the energy of the sun to trap the heat in the solar panels then transferring to the water.

This type of hot water system can significantly reduce your power bill by taking advantage of the free energy from the sun. When correctly installed,a solar hot water system can save up to 85% off the hot water power bill for an average house of four, that ™s around $200 a quarter, $800 a year, every year for the life of the solar hot water system. Working on a life expectancy of 12 years that is a whopping $9600 in power savings at today’s power costs. When you work out purchase and installation costs comparing to a standard electric hot water system you will be at least $6500 ahead.

Our payment plans on a solar hot water system are less than a couple of coffee’s cost in a week if compared to what you will save on your electricity bill. 

Save money and the environment at the same time. Not only is solar hot water a very cost effective option, it is also the most environmentally friendly option for hot water heaters. Using a solar hot water heater will significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and household footprint, whilst growing your savings.

If you need to replace an old hot water system and are considering a solar option. Call 1300 728 122 and speak with a SunCity hot water specialists to see if solar is right for you. Sun City Hot Water also repair all types of solar hot water systems in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast wide. Get hot water fast at great prices with SunCity Hot Water.

Easy and Flexible Payment Plans Are Available, affordable fortnightly repayments.

Appreciated By Our Customers

Based on 51 reviews
Michael Josephson
Michael Josephson
Complaint - overcharging for system check. The service guy who came out was fine but the $165 call out/check fee is too much for 15-20 mins onsite to tell me there is nothing he can do and need to call a sparky.
David Gale
David Gale
These guys installed a new hot water service back in May. This morning we didn’t have hot water (Saturday) do I rang thinking I’d be lucky to have it fixed by the middle of next week. The guy who answered the phone was so helpful, worked out he was in the area and was here in 15 mins! New element and all was good. Def recommend them as their after sales service is excellent! Thanks again
Bill Russell
Bill Russell
It has now been 6 months since SunCity Hotwater installed a Envirosun TS Plus Solar Hot Water system on our roof. SunCity were extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. A very good start. To try the system out, after the initial tank heating up, we turned off the electricity to just let it run on solar. That was 6 months ago, and the two of us have never lacked hot water. We cannot recommend the SunCity Hotwater staff, and the Envirosun system enough. Thanks Guys.
Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas
Our very old tank sprung a leak... Completely dead. Rang Sun City. 2.5 hours later Will had fitted a new system and was driving off with all the old stuff. Fantastic and quick !
Janet Britton
Janet Britton
I realised this morning that after 15 years my hot water cylinder was no long working. I didn’t want to be without hot water over the weekend, so got online and found Suncity Hot Water plumbing. Being a local family company I decided to try them and am very pleased that I did. I spoke to Sarah at 8am and in no time their head tech called around ( ringing to tell me he wasn’t far away). I was then waiting for a phone call to see if they had the cylinder I wanted in stock, but in the meantime another tech turned up to get ready for the delivery !!!! New cylinder installed by just after lunch, fantastic service. This was in spite of the cylinder being in a hard to get to area of the house.
Kathryn Gray
Kathryn Gray
Fantastic service and honest competitive pricing. We phoned Sun City Hot Water at 7:30am and their technician arrived at 9am. He removed and disposed of our old system and installed the new one - dealing with a tricky installation space with no fuss. We had hot water back within a few hours. Truly impressive service. Thank you.
Frank Dove
Frank Dove
A Horribly rude company with no Customer Service. Typical of the level of service you can expect on the Sunshine Coast from local companies servicing the trades. I would suggest that you shop around and compare prices, I saved $650 off their quoted price.
Khen Yong
Khen Yong
Sarah was very helpful and Will who installed the new system did a great job! Would certainly recommend this company.
Tai Luong
Tai Luong
I ‘m very impressed with your service. Scott replaced my faulty hot water system within the same day. Darren spent a lot of effort for fault finding the two existing damaged tampering valves and replaced them at no extra cost. If you have a hot water system, look no further than Sun City Hot Water Plumbing. Highly recommended.

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Contact us today for -

We have payment plans available on all hot water system replacements.

SunCity hot water have easy payment plan options on all hot water heater replacements on the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Brisbane, Caboolture and Bribie Island.  From as low as $5.00 a day you can get into a new hot water heater in most cases this can be the same day you call.

*As all homes are different prices must be confirmed and the required approval process for payment plan (TAP) completed in full. Fees and extra charges apply to our advertised pay on the day prices,  this is the costs charged by the third party company offering the finance