Thermalec Hot Water Systems

Thermalec electric hot water systems are imported hot water systems from China.

Thermalec hot water systems range from 50 litre to 400 litres & have similar connection points as Rheem, Dux, Vulcan & AquaMAX so retro fitting to replace any of these brands is quite simple.

Thermalec are budget priced electric hot water heaters manufactured in China & imported by Brisbane based company Astivista.

We can supply you with a Thermalec water heater, but we do prefer to support Australian made systems, it’s important to keep manufacturing in Australia alive.

All the installed prices listed below include-

  • Tempering valve
  • Plumbing Industry Council Fees paid (=$35)
  • Fully licensed Plumbers & Electrical tradespersons
  • All the pipework is fully insulated at the hot water system
  • Old hot water system is removed & taken to the tip for you
  • GST

Click here for Thermalec electric hot water brochure

All the below products are Hot Water Systems

Thermalec 50 litre Water Heater
Thermalec 80 Litre Electric water heater
Thermalec 125 litre Water Heater
Thermalec 160 litre water heater
Thermalec 250 litre water heater
Thermalec 315 litre water heater
Thermalec 400 litre water heater
Thermalec 250 litre water heater