Dux Hot Water Systems

Dux is a brand name that has been manufacturing hot water systems in Australia since 1915

Previously owned by the James Hardie group, the name Hardie Dux is commonly what Dux hot water systems is referred too. Dux is now run by the GWA group, a publically listed company on the Australian Stock exchange. Dux manufacture some hot water system in Moss Vale NSW, but have now starting out sourcing hot water cylinders & other products from China & other countries, not a good move for a company that proclaims to be a great Australian company.

The Dux brand has fallen dramatically in popularity & quality in recent years with current management within the company clearly not having a clue & is fast becoming well known now for poor warranty & after sales service

We are very reluctant to sell Dux hot water systems for this reason.

However, Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing install, service and repair all major brands of hot water systems including Dux hot water systems. Click here to see our range of Dux hot water heater spare parts. For full installation prices see below.

All our prices quoted below include-

  • Hot water tempering valve, cold water expansion, PRV & Duo valves
  • QBCC compliance fees (every job MUST have a form 4 submitted & $35 fee paid)
  • Pipework at the hot water system is fully insulated with a 15mm wall thick insulation
  • Licensed Plumbing & Electrical tradespersons
  • Your old hot water system disposed of for you
  • GST

* ALL prices are quoted for a same location as existing installations, like for like * & is assumed that you plumbing & electrical meet standards

Click here for Dux hot water brochure (25 & 50 litre Electric hot water systems)

Click here for Dux hot water brochure (80 to 400 litre Electric hot water systems)

Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane

Dux 50 litre plug in Water Heater
Dux 80 Litre Electric Water Heater

All the below products are Electric Hot Water Systems

Dux 125 litre Electric Water Heater
Dux 160 litre Water Heater
Dux 250 Litre Water Heater
Dux 315 Litre Water Heater
Dux 315 litre TWIN Element Water Heater
Dux 400 litre TWIN Element Water Heater
Dux 400 litre Water Heater