Hot Water Systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

SunCity Hot Water & Plumbing are your Brisbane Solar Hot Water Specialists.

With many many years experience in the solar hot water repair & installation industry we were around way before the government rebates started, unlike the many “pushy sales” type solar business & will be around for a long time in the future.

We don’t employ any sales people, other than our knowledgeable office staff, everyone else is a trades person with expertise in the hot water field & fully licensed Plumbers, Gas Fitters & Electrical workers that have been repairing, servicing & installing solar hot water systems for many years.

We carry a few different brands & types of solar hot water systems in stock at all times allowing us to supply & install a new solar hot water system to your home in most cases, within 24hrs of you calling us.

We are not a business that has any franchise or alignment with any brand of solar hot water heaters, giving you a 100% honest opinion & facts of all types & manufactured brands around.

Solar hot water systems are the most environmentally friendly & cost effective to run.

With no government rebates or incentives other than the STC component which we deduct from the cost & claim on your behalf the pay back or break even period varies from house to house & depends entirely on your consumption & electrical tariff you are connected to

An average family with 2 adults & 2 children would be expected to have a hot water cost per quarter of around the $250 mark.

This gives you a pay back period of approx 4 years.

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Solar hot water systems classifications come in 3 different varieties

Split Solar Hot Water Systems

This is where you only have the solar panels on the roof & your hot water storage cylinder in at ground level, water flow through the panels with the help from a small circulating pump connected to the tank (which uses very little power & has no noise) & comes on & off when the panels reach higher temperatures than the cylinder, this is controlled by sensors connected to a control board, all very simply designed.

Above shows what you could expect your roof to look like whether you have a flat, tiled or iron roof.

Roof Mounted or Close Coupled Solar Hot Water Systems

As the name suggests, the hot water storage cylinder is located on the roof & connected direct to the solar panels, not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to have on your roof & with the weight most roof mounted solar hot water systems weigh just over 500kgs when full of water, being approx. 1.8m in length this means this weight could be beared on only 2 or 3 roof trusses.

Roof mounted solar hot water systems use thermosyphone to transfer heated water from the panels to the storage cylinder, hot water naturally rises from the panels to the tank. unfortunately in hot sunny summer days this can cause the system to overheat which in turns water is dumped out via the temperature relief valve & may cause lot of water wastage.

Heat Pump or Air Sourced Solar Hot Water Systems

An air sourced heat pump is sort of new technology to Australia, really only coming to the market in any numbers around the 2006 2007 era when compulsory regulations for environmentally friendly hot water systems was introduced for the new home market.

Heat pump hot water heaters work like a refrigerator or air-conditioner, but in reverse while a refrigerator pushes heat from inside the unit out to the air around it, a heat pump water heater uses fans and an evaporator to pull warmth from the surrounding air and transfers it to water in the storage tank. The energy required for this process is 3 to 4 time less than the energy it recovers from the surrounding air. A good heat pump hot water system that uses 1kwh of electricity supplies more than 3kwh of hot water.


We don’t sell DUX Airoheat heat pumps at all, they are the worst of them all, Rheem & Quantum are also not that crash hot.

You need to be very careful when investing in these types of water heaters, stay away from unknown imported brand names & cheap systems from China like the Hydrotherm or Aquatech products, imported by a Gold Coast company & after only a couple of years here are not proving to be durable, this same product is badged under the Chromagen Midea, check the photos below!

The European made heat pumps from German companies Bosch & Stiebel Eltron are by far the best two available & probably the only two we would sell confidently for being reliable & efficient in running.

Bosch 250lt solar hot water system

250 litre split solar water heater Quality European made solar panels Storage tank is protected by 2 sacrificial anodes Automatic back up element

Bosch 300lt solar hot water system

300 litre split solar water heater Largest European made solar panels in the hot water market Quality you would expect from a company like Bosch Auto element boost should it be required in poor weather conditions Long warranties on Tank & panels

Bosch 400lt solar hot water system

400 litre split solar water heater Big storage capacity & excellent value for money European made solar panels & components Dual anode protected cylinder Automatic electrical element back up

Rinnai 330lt Stainless steel solar hot water system

330 litre roof mount solar water heater 10 year cylinder warranty

Rinnai 330lt solar hot water system

330lt roof mounted solar water heater 5 year cylinder warranty