Hydrotherm Hot Water Systems

Hydrotherm Heat pump hot water systems is another name that the Aquatech stainless steel hot water system is known by, imported from China by a Gold Coast based company.

They offer the longest warranties compared with all other Heat Pump manufactures, but realistically the importer may not be around long enough to warrant them considering they only have 2 products.

Have you ever bought cheap stainless steel products imported from China?

They rust the same as standard steel.

This Heat Pump is re-badged under a few brand names, designed for the American market to be located in basements, the plastic components on the system do not stand up to Australia’s harsh environment

We wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

Hydrotherm Brochure

All the below products are Hot Water Systems

Hydrotherm 190 litre heat pump hot water system
Hydrotherm 300 litre heat pump hot water heater