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Electric Storage Hot Water Systems range in sizes from 25 litres up to 400 litres. They are a very common type of hot water heater and are in a very high percentage of Sunshine Coast and Brisbane homes, they are simple in design that has been around for a long time and relatively economical to install, but they have become quite expensive to run, especially with the cost of power sky rocketing and continuing to rise.

  • There are only a few companies that actually manufacture hot water heaters in Australia for their Electric hot water system range-
    • Rheem Hot Water Systems, which also own and manufacture the following brands:
      • AquaMAX Hot Water Systems
      • Vulcan Hot Water Systems
      • Everhot hot water heaters which is an exclusive for Reece Plumbing supplies stores
      • Rheem Stellar hot water systems are what the call their premium stainless steel range
    • Dux Hot Water systems also have the following brands under its banner:
      • Radiant Hot Water Systems
      • Therman Electric water heaters are made for Reece Plumbing Supplies stores
      • Dux Proflo hot water systems is what they call their standard range that you will find in Bunnings stores
    • Rinnai Hot Water Systems have started  manufacturing in Victoria, but they do import from China a vast number of their systems to keep up with the demand
      • Rinnai call their standard electric hot water range the HotFlo

There are also the dreaded cheap Chinese imports like Thermalec and previously before they removed them from Australia Bosch and Kelvinator supplied some electric hot water heaters to the Australian market. Saxon was a big player in the Queensland hot water market,but they were very inefficient and very expensive to run, they unfortunately ceased trading in around 2011

Everyone should be mindful of the cheap imported systems starting to appear in the Australian Hot Water Market, the assurance of a good lasting hot water system will live much longer than a few bucks in the wallet, remember the saying you get what you pay for, definitely applies here.

Many residential units will have a 50L or 80L electric model in the kitchen, laundry or a cupboard. They are fine for 1-2 people, but you will need to be mindful of having a limited hot water supply. If you have enough space or a bigger household, a 125L or 160L system will provide you with more hot water and will cost very little more to maintain the volume. Most 3 to 4 bedroom houses would or should have, 250L, 315L or even the big one, a 400L models. Usually these larger electric hot water systems are connected to off-peak electricity supply which gives a slightly cheaper rate of electricity. Off peak supply is only available in times of low energy use – usually the middle of the night, heating and storing your water for use the next day.

Most brands also have a twin element option, generally the bottom element is connected to a “off peak” power source and the top element connect to tarif 11 (continuous 24hr power) and the top portion of tank temperature is maintained, these are good for when there is a high demand. These systems to work like this will require 2 active wires from the switch board, changing a single element to a twin element is sometimes not a easy upgrade because of this.

Unfortunately if you don’t have a off peak power relay and meter in your switch board already it can come at a high cost, we have heard of cases where Energex are quoting $800 to $2000 to do this after its prewired by a electrical contractor, so getting cheaper power you may have to pay a upfront cost that really doesnt make sense in installing an electric hot water system when Solar and Heat Pump hot water heaters would cost around the same money and have a lower running cost.

Sun City Hot Water Plumbing provide a FAST RELIABLE SERVICE to the Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane areas for all types of Electric Hot Water Systems.

Things you should remember & check when engaging someone to install, repair or service your electric hot water system

  • They MUST have a current QLD Plumbers license

The person carrying out your installation MUST hold a valid Plumbing Industry Council license if they do not or cannot produce this for you they should be reported to the Plumbing Industry Council immediately on 1800 682 02

  • They MUST also have a current Electrical license

Many plumbers think being a plumber is good enough to replace a electric hot water system

ITS NOT & extremely dangerous to themselves, your home & occupants, not to mention you would have NO manufactures warranty on your new hot water heater or even worse your household insurance could be void, should something major happen to your home or a person within it.

If the actual person carrying out the work does not hold a valid QLD Restricted Electrical license or has a Licensed Electrical Contractor, disconnect the old hot water system before starting & then reconnecting the electricals after the new water heater is installed, your installer is not qualified to do the job they are doing.

This is highly illegal & they should be reported to the QLD Electrical Safety Office immediately on 1300 362 320

  • In QLD the business you contracted to do your work must also have aQBCC license

A QBCC license is a license issued by the Queensland Building & Construction Commission

Anyone who contracts work must hold this license on top of their workers licenses.

It is illegal to contract work without a QBCC license & anyone doing so should be reported to the Queensland Building & Construction Commission immediately on 130 272 272.

Why choose US, other than the fact we have ALL the above licenses

We can repair your hot water system in most cases if it’s not producing any hot water

Hot Water Elements can be replaced & we have them in stock right now

Hot Water thermostats can be replaced, our service vehicles carry all types

PTR valves & Cold water expansion valves can be replaced, we have all the required pressure ratings to suit every hot water heater

All mild steel vitreous enamle lined hot water tanks have Sacrificial Anodes and should be replaced in intervals that do not exceed 5 years, this prolongs the life of your hot water heater & yes we also have them in all sizes and types in stock right ready for immediate installation.

In fact all our service vehicles carry nearly every Hot Water Spare Parts for ALL the major Australian brands of hot water systems & we can have you back in hot water on the initial visit, saving you running around costs & time delays in ordering parts from the manufactures or getting the wrong tradeperson out, do you call a plumber or and electrician? Simple just call us we do it all

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