Vulcan Hot Water Systems – Great Prices!

Vulcan Hot Water Systems - Great Prices

un City Hot Water and Plumbing is a leading authority in hot water systems and pool heating. We work with many of the big name brands to provide our customers with a wide range of high-quality products and systems. With no affiliation with a single brand, you know you are getting professional, unbiased advice on which system is best for you. Call Sun City today on 1300 728 122. We provide all hot water system services from advice on which system to choose right through to the final installation.

As an industry leader, Sun City Hot Water work with all of the main hot water system brands from Vulcan to Dux- We’ve got you covered. One of the most successful hot water system manufacturing companies in the Australian market is Rheem. Vulcan is owned by the Rheem Hot Water Association in Australia and is therefore also highly prominent in the Australian hot water industry.

The benefits of a Vulcan hot water system

Though Rheem is not an Australian company, the Vulcan range is manufactured here in Sydney, Australia. A benefit of having a Vulcan hot water system is that because Vulcan systems are manufactured in Australia, parts are easy to locate and readily available for spares or repairs. The cylindrical tank common in an electric Vulcan hot water system is built of high-quality steel. These cylinders are built to last, able to withstand extreme water temperatures and water pressure.

Another benefit is the Vulcan hot water system prices. Vulcan is commonly referred to as Rheem’s more affordable hot water system range. Vulcan systems are generally less expensive to purchase and maintain than any other ranges under the Rheem brand. The Vulcan warranty covers the cylinder for 5 years. Each new Vulcan hot water system also comes with a 12-month parts and labour warranty so you can rest assured that your new system won’t fail. Vulcan gas water systems are characterised by their balanced flue and steel jackets. This makes them highly adaptable, with options to install either against a wall or in a wall recess.

The Vulcan range

Electric hot water heaters

Vulcan manufacture two electric hot water heater models; the single element model and the twin element model.

Single element model – this system consists of a steel cylinder to store the water and a single element at the bottom of the system, controlled by a thermostat, to heat the water. There are two ways to use this system; with a continuous electricity supply or an off-peak electricity supply. If the storage capacity of the tank is less than the total amount of hot water used daily, then a continuous electricity supply is necessary. This heats the water throughout the day once the tank has been emptied for multiple tanks of water during a given day. An off-peak electricity supply is a lot more energy efficient and should be used when the storage capacity of the water system is greater than the amount of water used in a day. This type of connection heats the water in the tank overnight. This can be much more cost-effective by heating the tank only once a day.

Twin element model – This model is equipped with an additional heating element near the top of the system. A twin element model will run similarly to a single element model during normal operation with the element at the base heating the water. Only at peak periods of use will the top element be used to produce more hot water. The base element will generally be connected to an off-peak electricity supply and heat the tank overnight. Conversely, the top element will be connected to a continuous electricity supply. This allows more hot water to be produced during peak usage periods if necessary.

Gas hot water heaters

Storage gas hot water systems are part of Vulcan’s standard water systems range. This type of system has three main components: the cylinder, the flue, and the gas burner. The water is stored in an insulated, steel cylinder. It is heated by a gas burner below the storage tank. The heat is transferred to the water through the base of the steel cylinder. There is also a flue running through the middle of the cylinder that helps to transfer the heat from the gas burner to the water. The gas burner is controlled by an in-built thermostat. This ensures that once the desired water temperature is reached, the water will not be heated any further. It also facilitates the maintaining of the water temperature by turning the gas burner back on when the water temperature drops.

Solar hot water heaters

Vulcan manufactures gas boosted solar water heaters. These systems consist of solar collectors, a pipe, and a storage tank. The water in the solar collectors is heated by the sun until it reaches a greater temperature than that of the water in the storage tank. Once this temperature is reached, the water is transferred to the storage tank through a heated pipe. The water that was previously stored in the tank is circulated through to the solar collectors. This process maintains the temperature of the water in an energy, and cost, efficient way.

Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing

At Sun City Hot Water, we know how annoying unexpected costs and additional fees can be. That’s why each of our Vulcan hot water system prices includes:

  • Tempering valve
  • Fully licensed plumbing & electrical tradesperson
  • Pipework at the hot water system is fully insulated
  • $35 Plumbing Industry Council fees
  • All materials to reconnect to existing plumbing & electrical
  • Old hot water system removed & taken away
  • GST

With Sun City you know you’re getting high-quality products and installation with no extra fees to catch you out. We stock a range of electric Vulcan hot water systems including 50L, 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L, and 315L. For a full list of prices see our Vulcan hot water systems page.

For a range of high-quality Vulcan hot water systems at great prices, call 1300 728 122 or fill out our contact form today.