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Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing is a premium supplier, repairer and installer of gas hot water systems. We are locally based in the Sunshine Coast, servicing all of Brisbane North from the Sunshine Coast to the Brisbane river.

We source our products from most of the leading hot water system manufacturers including Rheem, Bosch, Vulcan, Dux and Rinnai. We cater to all your hot water system queries offering services including repairs, hot water system replacements and installations and expert advice. You won’t find a better supplier of gas hot water systems sunshine coast wide.

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The benefits of gas hot water systems:

There are many benefits to choosing to use a gas hot water system. Firstly, you’ll never run out of hot water. Unlike tank hot water systems, where you run out of hot water once you have used up pre heated hot water from your tank, gas hot water systems are designed to heat the water whenever you turn on the tap eliminating the chance of your hot water running out.

The second benefit of gas hot water systems is that they are much more energy efficient. As the water only begins heating when a tap is turned on, you won’t have a large tank of water constantly being heated and potentially unused. This energy saving feature could greatly reduce your future power bills.

Thirdly, a tankless water system is space saving. With a gas hot water system you can have constant hot water without a cumbersome tank taking up storage space in your house. At a general maximum of half the size of an average hot water heater tank, tankless water heaters take up less space and can be wall mounted for maximum convenience and floor space.

For an energy efficient, space saving hot water supply that will never run out, choose a gas hot water system. Call Sun City Hot Water on 1300 728 122 to organise the delivery and installation of your new system today!

How does a gas hot water system work?

Every standard gas hot water system has an in-built sensor that can detect the flow of running water. Once the running water is detected, such as a hot water tap being turned on, a gas burner ignites and warms the flowing water through a heat exchanger. Some tankless systems are also equipped to use the exhaust gasses to heat a secondary heat exchanger, in order to slightly pre heat the water before it reaches the main heat exchanger.

Most tankless water heaters these days include an Electronic control unit or ECU, there is also a thermostat installed in the system. The ECU uses the thermostat to moderate the set temperature of the water by controlling the quantity of gas released into the gas burner. Each ECU is fitted with an emergency gas stopping system and a flame sensor to ensure the safety of the hot water system.

As another safety precaution, a gas hot water system will generally have a factory set maximum temperature for the hot water to prevent serious injury, scalding and burns. Hot water systems power supplies can vary from water turbines to batteries but are generally powered by your homes power supply.

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Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing specialise in repairing, selling and installing hot water systems including electric, heat pump, solar, and gas hot water systems. Based in the Sunshine Coast, we service anywhere from Brisbane CBD to the sunshine coast including all of Brisbane North.

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