Hot Water Systems Beerwah

If you’re looking for reliable hot water services in Beerwah, including hot water system installations, repairs, servicing, and spare parts, look not further than Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing. As a privately owned and operated company we have no affiliation with a single hot water system manufacturer which means we can provide honest, unbiased advice on the best hot water system for you.

Our team of experienced hot water technicians are fully licensed and insured to provide safe, quality services for hot water systems Beerwah, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane North wide. Call us today on 1300 728 122 for reliable hot water system installations and repairs at a great price!

Hot Water System Financing

Sun City also offers hot water system financing options to make installing a new hot water system even easier. In fact, our payment plans allow you to pay only a small deposit followed by manageable weekly payments over 12 or 24 months – from as little as $17.50 per week!*

If your hot water system breaks down unexpectedly you no longer have to endure cold showers until you can find the cash to replace it. Call Sun City as soon as it happens and find out how one of our hot water system payment plans could get your hot water back up and running as quickly as possible!

*TAP. Terms and Conditions apply

Affordable Hot Water System Installations Beerwah

As a private, family owned company, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice, honest prices, quality hot water system services completed to a high standard every time. That’s why, unlike many other hot water service providers, our prices come with no hidden costs. In fact, all of the prices quoted on the product page of our website include:

  • Hot water tempering valve, Cold Water Expansion, Duo valve & PRV valves
  • QBCC compliance (every job MUST have a form 4 submitted & $35 fee paid)
  • Pipework at the hot water system is fully insulated with a 15mm wall thick insulation
  • Licensed Plumbing & Electrical tradespersons
  • Your old hot water system disposed of for you
  • GST

Choose Sun City for reliable service and honest prices, guaranteed.

Hot Water Services Sunshine Coast & Brisbane North

Whether you’re looking for hot water heater spare parts, or you need to replace your old hot water system with a new installation that includes disposal of the old unit, Sun City has the solutions. Our hot water services are available Beerwah, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane North wide.

What Size Hot Water System Do You Need?

Not sure what size hot water heater you need? Sun City supply and install a wide range of hot water systems in varying sizes including:

25 litre hot water system: Suitable for kitchenettes only (not suitable for showers)

50 litre hot water system: Suitable for granny flats, units, workshops, and kitchenettes

80 litre hot water system: Suitable for units, small townhouses, granny flats and workshops

125 litre hot water system: Suitable for townhouses and small houses

160 litre hot water system: Suitable for townhouses and homes with up to 3 occupants (off peak tariffs)

250 litre hot water system: Suitable for average sized homes with up to 4 occupants (off peak tariffs)

315 litre hot water system: Suitable with larger homes with 4 to 5 occupants (off peak tariffs)

400 litre hot water system: Suitable for the largest of homes

For reliable service at a great price, call your local hot water experts at Sun City on 1300 728 122 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.