Electric Hot Water Systems Sunshine Coast

Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing is a Sunshine Coast based business, specialising in hot water system installation, repair, replacement and advice. Our experienced team provide hot water heating services to all of North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast including anywhere north of the Brisbane River. As Sun City Hot Water is a family owned business, you can be assured that you are getting the best advice for you on all of your hot water queries including gas, heat pump, solar and electric hot water systems Sunshine Coast and Brisbane wide.

Sun City work with some of the leading manufacturers in our industry to source quality products at great prices. Working with big brands like Rheem and Bosch to the smaller more specialised manufacturers like Ecosmart and Quantum and everything in between. With Sun City you know you are getting the best advice for you as we provide information and advice on all brands available in the Australian hot water market without being affiliated with any one manufacturer. If you’re on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane North looking for quality, personalized advice on which hot water system or brand is the best fit for you, contact us today on 1300 728 122.

How does an electric hot water system work?

Electric hot water systems come in two different types, storage or continuous flow. Most commonly found in homes today is a storage electric hot water system.

Electric Hot water systems use an element located at the bottom of an insulated tank to heat the water. Some modern systems are equipped with a secondary element near the top of the tank to speed up the water heating process by preheating the water before it reaches the main element. The electric heating element is set to automatically turn off once the hot water reaches the preset temperature.

Some models use off-peak heating where the tank of water is heated overnight to ensure that there is hot water to use during the day. After the water has been heated to the desired temperature, hot water can be used throughout the day without having to be reheated through use of an insulated storage tank. Off peak water systems are larger and require a bigger storage space to produce the same amount of water as gas hot water heating systems.

Using a mains pressure system, electric hot water systems can generally regulate the flow rate of the hot water in the house to avoid low water pressure when multiple taps are in use. This means that you can have a dishwasher and a shower running at the same time with no adverse effects to the water pressure.

Storage electric hot water systems use energy even when the hot water is not on as the temperature of the heated water gradually drops over time. This means it is essential to ensure that your water system has a high energy rating and to get the best insulation possible for your tank. This is especially important for smaller hot water tanks that are used residentially as they hold less water and therefore the temperature will drop more quickly than a larger water tank.

With a great energy rating of 5 – 6 stars and a heavily insulated tank the minimal energy required to maintain the temperature of the hot water can become negligible.

Why choose to use an electric hot water system?

The benefit of using an electric hot water system is the minimal cost up front as they are one of the cheapest systems to buy and install. Electric hot water systems are ideal for households with a low to average hot water usage and can be set to heat at off peak times to minimise your electricity bill.

Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing sell electric hot water systems from many of the leading manufacturers in the industry. We take the hassle out of purchasing a hot water system by providing professional advice on which hot water system will work best for you. We also provide full delivery and installation services, and we can even remove your old hot water system if required.

We source products from many different manufacturers but we are not affiliated with any one brand, so buy your next hot water system from Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing on the Sunshine Coast and you can rest assured that you are getting quality products at great prices. Give us a call today on 1300 728 122, fill out our contact form online or come and see us in store at 249 Nicklin Way, Warana, Sunshine Coast, for all your hot water system needs in one place!