Installation Disclaimer

As we pride ourselves on the best prices & service to all

All our prices quoted are a estimate, as you can imagine every house has a different layout & we can only assume lengths of pipe work & electrical wiring required

All our prices are REAL prices, BUT we assume ALL your services, plumbing & electrical meet current regulations & safety standards as you would imagine we see some crazy stuff that people have done on their own with no knowledge or skills

ALL solar & heat pump hot water systems are priced as your out of pocket cost.

STC’s applicable are assumed property of SunCity Hot Water Plumbing on installation

STC’s are available to any customer that wish to trade their own on value that is applicable on that day at trade-able price, we do not profit from STC credits

But be aware you may wait up to 10 weeks for this money

This provides home owners less outlay initially & the price quoted is your price, excluding any local government or council incentives which may be applicable

Payment is required on completion before tradesperson leaves the property, unless prior arrangements have been made by cash, Internet transfer (MUST be done whilst on site and receipt given to installer) . We do take credit card for payment, BUT is + 2.2% and we also take cheques, we charge $10 per cheque to cover costs in processing and depositing, a copy of drivers license is required with all cheques

Payment plans are available but must be arranged prior to work being carried out and approvals in place.