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Second Hand Hot Water Systems

We have second hand hot water systems, we replace the element, thermostat, fit new sacrificial anodes & give you 12 months full warranty

All 2nd hand hot water systems are 3 years & younger in age

We have ex display & incorrectly ordered hot water systems at discounted prices as well

Call for list of stock we have, be quick they go very FAST & can't guarentee stocks available in all sizes, call us on 1300 728 122 to confirm we still have any of the below 2nd hand & ex display hot water systems available

Prices are for installation on Brisbane's northside & the Sunshine Coast only, we do not sell 2nd hand or ex display stock items as a product only, all prices are for supply & installation


125lt Vulcan electric 4 years old new anode, thermostat & element $600* fully installed

includes one year full warranty

1 x Dux 135 litre LPG gas hot water system, ex display stock from our showroom never been installed before, fully installed for $1000.00

This includes 1 year full warranty, tempering valve, plumbing & gas fitting materials + licensed tradesperson to carry out the work

LPG gas installations only, not suitable for natural gas


4 x Dux Endurance 26 litre per minute, instantaneous natural gas hot water systems

These hot water systems are brand new only 12 month old shop stock, out of original packaging, these natural gas hot water heaters fully installed for $950.00, that's $150.00 less than the purchase price of each one of these instant natural gas hot water heater & a fully installed/fitted price

2 years Full warranty with each of these hot water heaters

Not suitable for LPG (bottled) gas

This includes gas compliance certificate, plumbing & gas fitting materials + fully licensed trades-person to carry out the work, Plumbing Industry Council fees paid as well

Retrofitting installation price only for instantaneous to instantaneous

Requires a power point for ignition


1 x Rheem 330 Stellar LPG gas hot water system, Brand new in original opened packaging, incorrect order for a job from a customer request, comes with full manufacture's warranty from Rheem hot water, that's a massive 10 years warranty on cylinder, never been installed or used at all, system is physically 4 months old from date of manufacture

Fully installed for $1250.00, LPG (bottled) gas only not suitable for natural gas

This includes a tempering valve, plumbing & gas fitting materials + licensed tradesperson to carry out all the work

Our reconditioned 2nd hand hot water systems sell fast, we only resell late model good quality water heaters, if you are looking elsewhere for 2nd hand water heaters be careful, a hot water system only lasts 10 to 12 years if you are very lucky, buying a heater over 4 years old really isn't worth it, once the cylinder has cooled down & depressurized, than is pressurized & heated again the tank is weakened.....Beware of the Ebay & Gumtree sellers, every hot water system has a manufacture date on the compliance plate

Can't see anything that is suitable for your needs here

We have new systems available on easy payment plans over 12 & 24 months (tap, conditions apply) from as little as $16 per week*

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