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SunCity Hot Water & Plumbing is your hot water heater specialists. We service the entire Sunshine Coast & North Brisbane, we service everywhere north of the Brisbane river to Sunshine Coast including Cooroy & the Hinterland areas. We do travel outside our normal areas at extra costs if you are struggling to find someone who is competent and has the parts needed to fix / supply hot water systems in stock

We supply & install Electric, Gas, Solar and Heat Pump hot water systems from as little as $20 per week (TAP)

We also have Bosch heat pumps, Rheem manufactured AquaMAX electric's in mild steel & stainless steel, Rheem manufactured Vulcan gas storage & Bosch instant gas systems in stock, all brands and types of hot water systems available

We are a private family owned company that provides completely a 100% honest, unbiased & completety factual advise on what brands are good and the not so good. We have been specialising in this industry for over 20 years


Customer Testimonials

We called Sun City Hot Water yesterday to our leaking hot water system. I was told someone would be onsite within 2 hours and a phone call would be make prior to arriving. 1.5hrs after my call I received a courtesy call and sam was on site. I can not fault these guys. We have used them many years ago and will continue to do so. Thank you

Prompt and efficient service from the initial call to Darren then within an hour had Sam on site who fixed our Solar/HWS problem.

Professional to deal with, answered all our questions in a detailed and friendly manner. Well done Sun City Hot Water Plumbing.



SunCity Hot Water Plumbing provide FAST RELIABLE services, immediate attention for those annoying emergencies & most other work completed the within 24hrs of your call in most cases or at a time that suits you

Hot water is 95% of our business, we have specialized in this area for over 20 years, being one of the first companies servicing Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast to do so in the scale we have. We have seen many changes within the industry, along with all the wannabee cowboy's trying to duplicate our expertise, they come & go. We actually know what we are talking about & how systems work, we repair water heaters, not just try & sell you a new one

We service, repair & replace all types & brands of hot water heaters

  • Electric Hot Water Systems (Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Saxon, Vulcan, Aquamax & more)
  • Solar Hot Water Systems (Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Solahart, Edwards, Dux, Apricus, Conergy & more)
  • Gas Hot Water Systems (Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Dux & more)
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems (Dux, Rheem, Bosch, Quantum, Rinnai, Saxon & more)

We hold in our warehouse a large range of Electric, Solar, Gas & Heat Pump hot water systems, this allows for a quick turnaround in getting you back into hot water with as little disruption & hassle to your everyday life, should your system need replacing in Brisbane & on the Sunshine Coast.

We also carry a vast range of spare parts to repair most hot water system brands & models

Deal with the tradespeople that know what they are talking about, we can repair most hot water heaters in 99% of cases, as long as you tank is not leaking & is not a 100 years old, we have the parts in stock to do this TODAY

Whether it be a electric, gas, solar or heat pump hot water system we more than likely have the parts needed to fix your heater.

All our Plumbers & Gasfitters also have restricted electrical licenses to carry out the electrical repairs & replacements on most hot water heaters, this saves you money in only needing to organize one business, SunCity Hot Water Plumbing do the whole job without you the risk of engaging the unlicensed ones who think just having a plumbers license is good enough to do repairs & installations, always ask to see licenses they need to have.

Plumbers Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Northside

SunCity Hot Water Plumbing not only have your hot water needs covered, we have fully licensed plumbers & gas fitters that can carry out any gas fitting and plumbing Sunshine Coast & Brisbane North wide including:

  • Leaking taps & toilets
  • Burst water pipes
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Guttering & downpipes
  • Blocked drains
  • ALL General plumbing maintenance & installations
  • Gas installations & repairs
  • Thermostatic mixing valves (TMV)
  • Backflow prevention devices (RPZ)
Looking for hot water system Brisbane or Sunshine Coast? Call Sun Cit Hot Water & Plumbing!
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Electric Hot Water Systems

Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing stock electric hot water systems from all of the North Brisbane for over 12 years. Because we have been around so long, our hot water specialists are also able to advise or repair old electric hot water systems that are no longer on the market.

Electric and gas storage systems are the most common type of hot water system in Australia. Sun City work with all of the leading electric hot water system suppliers in Australia. Though electric hot water heaters have a lower upfront cost, they can be costly to run. Electric hot water heaters come in both storage and tankless options.

With storage electric hot water heaters, the water temperature has to be constantly maintained which can increase running costs. However, some electric hot water systems come with an off-peak heating feature where hot water is only heated overnight. This can significantly reduce electricity costs.

A disadvantage of all storage hot water systems, including electric, is running out of hot water. Unlike instantaneous hot water systems that heat on demand, storage hot water systems have to reheat an entire tank once the hot water has run out. This means a big delay between hot water once the whole tank has been used.

Sun City carry almost all of the components for all major Australian brands of electric hot water heaters. This means that we can usually have your hot water back up and running on the initial visit.

Don’t order the parts from the manufacturer and then pay someone else to install it. Get hot water now! Our fully stocked vans and trained team will save you time and money on waiting around for ordered parts and multiple plumber evaluations.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Looking for a gas hot water system Sunshine Coast or Brisbane? Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing repair, service and replace all All Brands of gas hot water systems. We stock gas hot water systems from all major brands including Aquamax.

Like electric, gas hot water systems come in both storage and instantaneous heating systems. Though gas hot water heater systems have a higher upfront cost, the running costs are usually significantly lower than electric. On average, a gas hot water system will have made up the difference in initial cost in only 12 months.

Gas water heaters can be connected to existing house gas lines or run off gas bottles. Instantaneous or continuous flow gas hot water systems heat water once a faucet has been turned on. This is an energy efficient option as water is only heated when it is used. This can significantly reduce your power bill.

Instantaneous gas hot water systems take up much less space than the electric storage hot water systems found in most homes. They are also wall mounted which can free up much needed floor space.

Gas hot water systems are also an environmentally friendly option for hot water. This is because gas hot water systems generate less greenhouse gas emissions than electric storage systems. Sun City have been repairing, servicing and replacing gas hot water systems for over 12 years. We service everywhere from the Sunshine Coast to the Brisbane river. For all your gas hot water needs in one place, call Sun City today on 1300 728 122.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Sun City Hot Water are experts when it comes to heat pump hot water systems. We service and maintain all heat pump hot water systems. Or if you’re just looking for advice on what type of system is right for you, we can still help! Want hot water now? Ask us about our heat pump hot water systems.

A heat pump hot water system consists of a fan, a heat exchanger and a water cylinder. Heat pump hot water systems use a fan to extract heat from the air. The heat is then used to heat the water in the cylinder.

By using the natural heat found in air to heat the water, heat pump water heaters are very energy efficient. In fact, heat pump hot water systems can be up to 75% cheaper to run than a standard electric hot water system.

Though heat pump water heaters don’t harness solar power directly, it uses sun-heated air to operate. This makes heat pump hot water systems energy efficient as they are indirectly powered by the sun. Heat pump hot water is also energy efficient when compared to electric and gas hot water systems.

Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing can tell you everything you need to know about your next heat pump hot water system. And if that system isn’t right for you, we can also advise you on which system is. Fill out our contact form today for expert advice on heat pump hot water systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Sun City stock both solar hot water heaters and solar pool heating systems. Servicing all of the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane North, we are your solar hot water specialists. We cover all major Australian suppliers of solar hot water systems including Bosch, Rinnai, Kelvinator, Envirosun, Conergy, and Rheem. As we service and repair all brands of solar hot water systems, you know you are getting expert and unbiased advice.

Solar hot water systems harness the natural energy from the sun to heat water. In a solar heating system, water travels through a solar collector which harnesses the energy of the sun to heat the water. Most systems also have the option to set your desired water temperature for maximum control.

This type of system can significantly reduce your power bill by taking advantage of the free energy from the sun. When correctly installed,a solar hot water system can save up to 80% of the power bill for an average house of four. That’s $200 a quarter!

Save money and the environment at the same time! Not only is solar hot water a cost effective option, it is also the most environmentally friendly option for hot water heaters. Using a solar hot water heater will significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

If you need to replace an old hot water system consider solar. Call 1300 728 122 and speak with a Sun City hot water specialists to see if solar is right for you. Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing service and repair all solar hot water systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast wide. Get hot water fast at great prices with Sun City!

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