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Gas Hot Water Systems Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Gas Hot Water systems come in 2 different types of heating units, a storage tank type & a instantaneous heating system

Gas instantaneous or continuous flow hot water systems are as the name suggest, they heat the water as it flows through the hot water system as shown below

Not much larger than a small suitcase mounted on your wall are great room savers especially with home block sizes getting smaller & smaller

Most gas instantaneous hot water heaters do not have pilot lights, they are mostly have electrocnic ignition requiring a power point to ignite the gas, great gas saver until there is a black out!

Gas storage hot water heaters have a cylinder that stores & maintains the water temperature via a thermostatically controlled gas valve, see diagram below

SunCity Hot Water & Plumbing repair, service & replace all brands of gas hot water systems from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast

All our service vehicle carry a large range of gas hot water spare parts to get your system up & running on our first & only visit to your home.

If you are in Brisbane with mains natural gas or in outer suburbs & on the Sunshine Coast with LPG bottles gas we have you covered

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