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Rinnai have gas hot water, solar hot water, heat pump hot water systems along with a range of electric water heaters

Established in the 1920's Rinnai export & manufacture water heaters in 16 countries

Rinnai gas hot water systems are manufactured in Japan are of very good quality & reliable hot water heaters. They are available in both natural & LPG gas types

Rinnai solar hot water systems come in 2 different materials, Viterous enamel lined mild steel & stainless steel. Rinnai solar hot water panels are manufactured in Australia along with the stainless steel hot water tanks.

Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing provide quality installations, repairs and maintenance on all Rinnai hot water systems Brisbane and Sunshine Coast wide.

​Rinnai 25 lt Electric hot water system

25 litre capacity electric hot water heater

Suitable for kitchenettes & where very little hot water is needed

Not suitable for showers

Can be hard wired to electrical electricity or simply plugged into a power point

7 years warranty of offered by Rinnai on the cylinder

Fully installed from $950.00 or $17.50 per week Condition apply TAP***

​Rinnai 50lt Electric hot water system

50 litre Storage capacity

Suitable for installations in units, granny flats & situations where there is a low hot water demand

They can fit inside most kitchen cupboards

Although small in size they provide enough hot water for a 10-15min shower & have a recovery/reheating time of approx. 20 min when fitted with a 3.6kw element.

Available in 3 different element sizes to suit any homes wiring size

they come with a 7 year cylinder warranty from Rinnai

Fully installed from $975.00

​Rinnai 80lt Electric hot water system

80 litre storage tank

Suitable for units, townhouses where size is restricted

Not suitable to be connected to any off peak power tariff

Rinnai offer 7 years warranty on the tank

Strangely these hot water systems are more expensive than a 125 litre unit

Fully installed from $1175.00

​Rinnai 125lt Electric Hot Water System

​125 litre storage cylinder

Fully installed from $1175.00

​Rinnai 160lt Electric hot water system

​160 litre storage tank

Fully installed from $1460.00

Rinnai ​250lt Electric hot water system

​250 litre

Fully installed from $1490.00 or $30 per week on a 12 monthly payment plan (a $175 deposit is required)

Call us for more details 1300 728 122

​Rinnai 315lt Electric hot water system

​315 litre

Fully installed from $1700.00

Inclusive of ALL valves required

QBCC form 4 fees and disposal of your old hot water system

​Rinnai 400lt Electric hot water system

​400 litre

Fully installed from $42.00 p/w

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​Rinnai Instant gas hot water systems

Rinnai B20

​Rinnai gas instantaneous hot water systems, The Rinnai B-Series continuous flow water heater is available in 3 different sizes 16lt, 20lt and 26lt. 

The Rinnai range is also available in LPG (bottled) and Natural (mains) gas types. 

Rinnai is a leader in the instant gas water heating industry. Made in Japan, they have a 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger

The Rinnai B20 and Rinnai B26 can also come in 50 deg and 60 deg preset temperatures

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Fully installed from $35 p/w over 1 year, after a small deposit, call us on 1300 728 122 for our discounted pay on installation price

​Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water systems

​Rinnai Infinity Instantaneous gas hot water systems

Call us on 1300 728 122 for information 

Fully installed from as low as $42.00 per week over a 12 month period (deposit is required and TAP)

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