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Ecosmart Hot Water Systems

Ecosmart is a franchise brand name from DUX hot water

All Ecosmart hot water systems are DUX & Rinnai hot water units with a different sticker on them

As with all franchise products they charge a premium price, why would you bother to pay more when its the same product relabelled, pretending to be something different.

‚ÄčEcosmart Hot Water Range

Ecosmart are franchised business's set up by DUX hot water, simular to they way Solahart & Edwards is a franchise of Rheem

All the Ecosmart hot water range are DUX hot water systems, re labelled with a Ecosmart sticker

THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT WHATSOEVER. with the exception to thier roof mounted solar hot water system which is a Rinnai Hot Water unit, once again with a different sticker.

Franchise dealers may try to tell you different but facts are facts Ecosmart is DUX & owned by the GWA Corporation.

Ecosmart product generally demand a premium price for a relabelled DUX product

Obviously franchise dealer have to pay the franchisee fees & purchase prices that must be passed on to the end consumer, you

ECOSMART = DUX = More money for same product

We do not sell Ecosmart products as they are a Franchise dealer product only

They are DUX & Rinnai hot water systems re labelled

We can repair all Ecosmart hot water heaters

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