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Quantum Hot Water Systems

The origins of the company go back to 1975, they have had heat pump water heaters in Australia for many years.

Their previous heat pumps had solar panel style panels (evaporators) on the roof.

We have removed these systems from homes that have had them for more than 20 years, proving that the original design model worked very well.

Like everything & technology new designs have made their way through to the current design/style being a close coupled one piece unit the most popular type & a split system

Available in 4 different sizes to suit most home sizes & applications, click on the links below to see the product brochures for the various storage tank capacities

Quantum Close Couple Heat Pump Range Brochure

Quantum 150 litre Heat Pump Brochure

Quantum 200 litre Heat Pump Brochure

Quantum 270 litre Heat Pump Brochure

Quantum 340 litre Heat Pump Brochure

Quantum 340 litre TITAN Heat Pump Brochure

Quantum also have a two piece heat pump range, these are a good option where space is a issue, the cylinder can be installed internally within your home & the heat pump motor fitted outside as long as they are back to back

In recent months Quantum have also started importing electric hot water systems

The Quantum electric water heaters range in sizes from 25 litre right through to the big fella with a 400lt storage tank. click the link below for information & product brochure

Quantum Electric Hot Water System Brochure

​Quantum 150lt Heat Pump

Quantum heat pump, delivers 125 litres of hot water

Suitable for townhouses, units & small dwellings that have little hot water demand & usage

Fully installed from $3250.00

​Quantum 200lt Heat pump

Quantum Heat pump water heater, delivers 175 litres of hot water

Once again suitable for smaller dwellings with low hot water requirements

Fully installed from $3350.00

​Quantum 270lt heat pump

Quantum heat pump with 250 litres of water storage

Suitable for average size houses with up to 4 persons occupying it

Fully installed from $3450.00

​Quantum 340lt Heat Pump

Quantum heat pump with 315 litres of hot water deliverance

Suitable for larger homes with up to 6 people

Fully installed from $3550.00

​Quantum 340lt TITAN heat pump

​Quantum heat pump with 315 litres of hot water stored

Fully installed from $3950.00

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