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Gas is a cost-effective, reliable way to heat water. However, as with any other gas appliance, when it comes to gas hot water heaters, safety should be the number one priority. Regularly servicing your gas hot water system will not only ensure the safety of your household, it can also save you money on running costs as well as unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

When it comes to gas hot water heater maintenance, SunCity Hot Water & Plumbing are your local experts. As a family owned business, we offer reliable gas hot water services at honest prices.

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Why Does My Gas Hot Water Heater Need To Be Serviced Regularly?

The two main reasons a gas hot water heater should be serviced are to ensure the safety of the household and to save money on running costs and repairs.


As with any gas appliance, gas hot water heaters need to be regularly checked and serviced by a professional to ensure they are working as they should. This helps to keep your household safe from a range of hazards that are common with gas appliances.

For example, during your scheduled service, your hot water technician will check that the ventilation system is working correctly. This is important as a gas hot water heater that is not properly ventilated can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Additionally, your hot water specialist will check the pressure valve to ensure that it is functional as a faulty pressure valve left unaddressed can cause pressure to build up inside the water tank until it explodes.

Save Money

An added benefit of having your gas hot water heater regularly serviced is that it will save you money on both running costs and repairs. This is because each time your hot water heater is serviced you will have a qualified technician check over the entire system to check that everything is working as it should. They will also clear out any sediment in the tank that can cause the system to run less efficiently, reducing running costs.

Additionally, regular check ups mean that any issues with the system can be caught and fixed early, before they become larger issues resulting in major repairs or even a system replacement. This also reduces the risk of an unexpected breakdown that could leave you with cold showers until you can book someone in to fix it.

How Often Should You Service Your Gas Hot Water Heater?

As a general rule, hot water systems should be serviced annually. This is primarily for the removal of built up sediment to ensure that it doesn’t corrode or otherwise damage the inside of your hot water system.

Additionally, there is a sacrificial anode in hot water tanks that prevents the inside of the tank from corroding. This anode needs to be regularly checked and replaced. If the anode is not replaced regularly, the inside of the tank will eventually rust causing leaks and can potentially causing water damage to your house, resulting in the entire hot water system having to be replaced.

Conversely, regularly servicing your hot water system will extend its lifetime, reduce the risk of breakdowns and unexpected issues, and ensure that the warranty conditions of your hot water heater are met.

Who Can Service Your Gas Hot Water Heater?

When it comes to the maintenance of gas appliances, you can’t take any chances. In fact, it’s illegal and extremely dangerous to have your gas hot water heater worked on by anyone other than a licensed gas fitter.

Not only can having an untrained person (including yourself) work on your hot water heater pose safety risks to your household, it can also void your house insurance and the warranty of the system. So it’s important to ensure that anyone who services your hot water heater is authorised to do so.

Quality Gas Hot Water Heater Services

SunCity Hot Water & Plumbing offers quality gas hot water heater services Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast wide. Our team of hot water specialists includes licensed plumbers and gas fitters with restricted electrical licences for all of your hot water needs. Not only do we offer quality gas hot water heater maintenance at a great price, we also supply, install, and repair all types of hot water heaters including gas, solar, electric, and heat pump.

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