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How To Tell The Reliable Plumbers From The Cowboys

When it comes to servicing and repairing the plumbing in your home, the last thing you want is to find out that the tradesperson who shows up on your doorstep is not qualified to carry out the work. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unlicensed contractors trying to duplicate the expertise of professional plumbers to make a quick buck.

However, allowing an unlicensed person to alter the plumbing work of your home can not only result in the work being completed at a low standard, damage to your property resulting from the unlicensed work may not even be covered by your insurance. In order to protect your home and property it is important to ensure that any tradesperson carrying out work at your home is fully insured and licensed to do the work.

The Cowboys

There are plenty of unqualified ‘cowboy plumbers’ in the industry that flaunt their too good to be true prices and provide sub-par work. In fact, not only is the work performed by these unlicensed persons low quality, it’s illegal.

A good indicator of cowboy plumbers are unestablished businesses that offer basement prices as no one who holds all of the necessary licences and insurances can work for such low prices and still provide a high standard of workmanship. Additionally, their advertised price will often not include all of the extra costs and fees that are required to make every job compliant, so in actuality, once the final bill has been added up, the reputable plumbers work out to be cheaper.

If anyone who shows up to complete plumbing work at your home is unable to provide proof of their licence to do so, report them to the QBCC on 139 333 and don’t pay them a cent!

The Reliable Plumbers

Hiring a reliable plumber comes with a range of benefits. First and foremost, the work completed will be performed legally and will not void your home insurance. Additionally, qualified plumbers have to undergo thorough training so you can rest assured that they know what they’re talking about and can offer expert advice.

The plumbing work is also more likely to be completed to a higher standard when it is carried out by a trained professional. They will also hold the necessary insurances to ensure that you are not liable on the off chance that anything goes wrong.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Plumber Is Reliable?

Simply ask to see their licence and check the expiry date to see that it is still current.

What Licences Does A Plumber Need In Queensland?

In Queensland, fully qualified plumbers are required to hold an occupational plumbers license. Plumbers who contract with the public to perform work are also required to hold a valid contractor’s licence. Additionally, to install hot water heaters in Queensland they must also hold a restricted electrical licence or engage an electrical contractor to carry out the electrical disconnection and reconnection.

Check that anyone carrying out plumbing and hot water work holds each of the licences listed above before allowing the work to commence. Report unlicensed plumbers to the QBCC on 193 333 or the Electrical Safety Office on 1300 362 320.

Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing

Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing is a local family business owned and operated by Darren, Jess, Lilly & Emily Shledrick. We have been specialising in hot water services for over 20 years providing quality hot water and plumbing services from the Sunshine Coast to the North side of the Brisbane river.

Darren has been plumbing all of his working life and holds all of the necessary occupational licences including a QLD Plumbing Industry Council Licence, a QLD Electrical Licence, a QLD Gas Fitters Licence, and a Building Services Authority Licence.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified team of dedicated plumbers that provide quality plumbing and hot water services, look no further than SunCity. Call us today on 1300 728 122 for all of your plumbing needs, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane North wide.


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