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A leaking hot water system may seem like a minor annoyance that can be put off for a while, however, if your hot water system has sprung a leak it could be an indication of a serious problem. Plus, a water heater leak won’t just go away, and ignoring the problem can cause it to worsen, potentially turning a simple repair into an entire hot water system replacement.

Not only can a small leak cause water damage to your walls, floors, and sub-floors, in some extreme cases the water tank may burst, flooding your house and causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. If your hot water system is leaking contact your local hot water specialists at Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing as soon as possible on 1300 728 122.

What To Do When Your Hot Water System Is Leaking

1) Visual Inspection: Why Is Your Hot Water Heater Leaking?

There are a number of possible reasons why your hot water system may be leaking. To determine the cause of your hot water heater leak you will need to identify where the leak is coming from.

Water Heater Leaking From The Top

If your hot water heater is leaking from the top of the tank it typically means that a fitting or plumbing connection is faulty or has become damaged. If this is the case it is likely that a hot water specialist will be able to repair it for you without having to replace the entire system.

Water Heater Leaking From The Bottom

Conversely, if you find that the water is leaking from the bottom of the tank it could be an indication that there is a crack in the tank. If this is the case, the tank will need to be replaced. Other signs that your hot water heater tank may be cracked include water or slight moisture near the bottom of the water heater as well as water or rust stains running down the sides of the tank.

2) Turn Off The Power & Water Supply

Once you have identified where the leak is coming from you will need to turn off the power and water supply to prevent any further water damage that may be caused by the leak.

It is important to turn the power supply off first as water and electricity are a deadly combination. If you have an electric hot water heater you will simply need to cut the power to the hot water system at the circuit breaker. Alternatively, if you have a natural gas powered hot water system, switch the gas off at the dial.

When turning off the water supply you will need to access the cold water valve at the top of the hot water system. If you do not have clear access to the valve or cannot reach it without coming into contact with hot water, you will need to stop the water at the water mains instead (note: this will cut all water supply to your house). This will minimise the water damage to your property caused by the leak.

3) Call A Professional

Now that you have identified the source of the leak and cut the power and water supply to your hot water heater, it’s time to call in a professional. It is important that this is done in a timely manner as a water leak can cause mould and mildew to grow which can pose serious health risks to your household, and even cause allergic reactions.

If your hot water heater is leaking call your local hot water specialists at Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing. Whether you need quality repairs or an entire system replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Plus we offer reliable scheduled servicing for hot water systems to reduce the risk of a leaking hot water system in the future. For quality plumbing and hot water services Brisbane North & Sunshine Coast wide call 1300 728 122.


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