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Most people use hot water in their homes on a daily basis, whether in the shower, in the kitchen sink, or to wash clothes with. It can be easy to take your hot water system for granted or even forget about it as soon as the system is installed, that is, until it stops working.

No one wants to wake up to a cold shower, or even worse, a leaking hot water system that has damaged your walls and floor. However, that’s exactly what you’re risking when you forego regular hot water system maintenance.

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The Benefits of Regular Hot Water System Maintenance

Extended Lifetime

One huge benefit of regular hot water system maintenance is that it can extend the lifetime of your system. The average hot water system will last anywhere from 8 to 12 years, however, with regular scheduled maintenance you can make sure that your hot water system will consistently provide you with steaming hot water for as long as possible.

Scheduled servicing can help to increase the lifespan of your hot water system as any minor issue will be identified and rectified during the scheduled service, before it can turn into a major issue.

For example, if your hot water heater has a worn out sacrificial anode, your hot water technician will detect this during your scheduled maintenance and can replace it on the spot to prevent future issues. Conversely, if the water heater is not serviced and the worn out anode is left in the system, the tank will start to corrode. Not only will this mean that you have to replace the entire system, it could also cause a leak, and water damage to your property, before you even realise that there’s a problem.

Lower Running Costs

Regular scheduled servicing of your hot water heater can also increase the efficiency of the system, reducing the running costs. This is due to the fact that during the scheduled servicing of your hot water system the hot water technician will identify and fix any problems with the system that could be reducing its efficiency.

For example, if there is sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank, the efficiency of the system is reduced as it is harder for the element, located below the sediment, to heat the water in the tank. However, if your hot water technician detects a sediment buildup during the routine maintenance of the system they will flush the tank to remove it and restore it to its maximum energy efficiency.

Fewer System Repairs

Ensuring that your hot water system is regularly serviced will help to ensure that your system requires fewer repairs. This is because, as an appliance that requires minimal maintenance, hot water systems can develop problems that can be left unnoticed for months. This is an issue as it can lead to additional problems with the system until it eventually stops working.

However, if your hot water system is regularly maintained, problems can be identified and dealt with as soon as they arise to any prevent further problems and repairs.

Reduce Chance of Breakdown

Finally, arguably the greatest benefit of regular hot water system maintenance is that it reduces the chances of a breakdown. Not only can a broken down hot water system mean the inconvenience of having no hot water, in some cases, it can also cause hundreds to thousands of dollars of water damage to your house and belongings. Plus, if your hot water heater breaks down on a weekend or public holiday, you could be waiting days to get it fixed.

Scheduled servicing can greatly reduce the chance of your hot water system breaking down as any issues with the system can be identified and dealt with long before the breakdown would occur.

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