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At Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing, we are hot water specialists, making us a leading authority in installing and maintaining any solar pool heater. We are locally based in the Sunshine Coast and service all of North Brisbane up to the Brisbane River. We tested both heat pump and solar pool heating systems in our own personal pools before we started offering this service to ensure we can continue to provide honest and well-informed advice to our customers about our products.

We work with some of the leading brands in the industry for heat pump and solar pool heating systems including Rheem, Solahart, and Hydrotherm to name a few. As a family owned and operated business, Sun City has no affiliations with a single manufacturer. This means that we provide quality service and professional advice on heat pump and solar pool heating Brisbane wide without any ties to a single brand. You won’t find a better supplier or installer of solar pool heating Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Wide.

How does solar pool heating work?

Solar pool heating is the energy and cost efficient option for heating your pool all year round! There are two types of solar pool heating systems: glazed and unglazed. Unglazed systems have a smaller upfront cost and can be less expensive to run. Glazed solar heating systems, however, capture solar heat more efficiently than unglazed systems in colder weather. Each solar pool heating system is comprised of four main parts:

Firstly, the solar collector. This is the part where the water is directed from the pool to be heated by the sun (or cooled at night in summer).

Next is the filter. The filter is used to clear any debris from the water before it is sent to the solar collector to be heated. When the solar collector is not in use water is sent through the filter to maintain the cleanliness of the pool water.

Thirdly there is a pump. This is how the water is circulated through the entire solar heating system. The water is pumped through the filter, into the solar collector to be heated and then back into the pool.

Lastly is the control valve. This can be either manual or automatic depending on the solar heating system you choose. An automatic flow control valve is equipped with a sensor to detect when the pool temperature is significantly lower than the solar collector. When this is detected the flow control valve diverts the pool water through to the solar collector to be heated. Alternatively, with a manual flow control valve, you can heat the water as desired by manually switching the valve.

Why choose a solar pool heating system?

The benefits of using a solar pool heating system include having the ability to set your pool water temperature to the same heat every day of the year. This means that you can swim in any weather year round at a comfortable temperature whether winter or summer.

Another benefit of solar pool heating, as opposed to other types of pool heating, is that you can significantly reduce your pool heating costs as solar heating is competitively priced against gas and heat pump heating options. Solar pool heating is also the most effective use of solar energy in most climates. Also, solar pool heating systems typically have a longer lifetime than gas or heat pump pool heating systems.

Things to consider:

When purchasing a solar pool heating system there are a couple of things you will need to take into consideration.

Pool size – The size of your pool will directly affect the size of the solar heating system you will need. Generally, in a warmer climate like Australia, your solar pool heating system will only need to be 50 – 60% of the size of your pool.

Location – Where you intend to have your solar pool heating system installed is very important. The amount, direction, angle, shade, and the sun available in your chosen location will also affect the size of the pool heating system you will need.

Pool cover – Using a pool cover is essential when considering pool heating. The pool cover helps to keep the water insulated to maintain the temperature of the water and reduce running costs for your solar pool heating system.

If you purchase a solar pool heating system from Sun City Hot Water and Plumbing, we can provide you with all of this information and advice specific to your pool and requirements. Without any affiliation with a single manufacturer or brand, you can rest assured that we will advise you of the best system for you, not the manufacturer. Contact us today on 1300 728 122 or fill out our contact form for more information.


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