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Hot Water Systems Brisbane

Don't know who to call when your hot water system isn't working?

Is it a Plumber or Electrician you need ??

Electric, Solar, Gas & Heat Pump hot water systems we do it all, no need to call anyone but us

SunCity Hot Water & Plumbing repair, service & replace hot water systems everywhere north of the Brisbane river to the Sunshine Coast & have done so for well over a decade now

Rheem, AquaMAX Dux, Bosch, Solahart, Edwards, Rinnai, Saxon are some brands to name a few that we can repair or if needed to be replaced with a new hot water heater if that time has come.

In most cases if your hot water system is simply just not heating water, we can repair it, saving you $100's if not $1000's

We stock a large range of hot water heaters & spare parts to suit all brands & types

Call us Today on 1300 728 122 or 0413 861 166 for fast reliable service by a knowledgeable fully licensed trades person

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There's a big difference in dealing with a company that specializes in a certain field rather than a general household maintenance plumber or electrician, as the saying goes it is better to know a lot about a little than a little about a lot, check out the picture below, the one on the left is a Chinese imported Hydrotherm heat pump, the workmanship some plumbers think it okay to leave a installation like this, absolutely disgusting, untidy pipework, even with a piece of wood stuck underneath trying to level the system up, very unsuccessfully

Compared to our standard on the right, a European made Bosch heat pump

    Did you know 99% of plumbers installing Brisbane hot water systems are not licensed to completely install hot water heaters in Brisbane or anywhere for that matter, they MUST have a QLD Restricted Electrical License or engage a electrical contractor to do the electrical disconnection & re connection of the hot water system, don't risk it with the dodgies................................................ Click here to search electrical licenses of installing persons

    ALWAYS ask to see their licenses, if they can't produce it or don't have one, don't pay them a cent & report the illegal ones to the Electrical Safety Office on 1300 362 320

    Electric Hot Water Systems Brisbane

    Electric water heaters are the most common in our homes, work well but with electricity prices are getting up there in running costs, a element heats the water, controlled by a thermostat. Electric systems have 3 real components, element, thermostat & pressure/temperature relief valve. Low maintenance not much can go wrong

    Our preferred brands that we offer in electric water heaters is Rinnai & AquaMAX

    AquaMAX is owned & manufactured in Australia by the Rheem hot water corporation

    They come in 2 different types of materials, mild steel with vitreous enamel lining, with sacrificial anodes fitted to protect the tank with a 5 year cylinder warranty, these systems are manufactured in Rheem's Sydney facility & Stainless Steel tanks, that have a massive 10 year warranty & are made in Melbourne's original AquaMAX manufacturing plant

    Click here for AquaMAX 5yr electric hot water brochure

    Rinnai is a massive Japanese corporation that has been around for nearly 100 years, very well known world wide for their hot water products

    Rinnai electric hot water systems are covered by a 7 year cylinder warranty for piece of mind

    Available in sizes from 25 litres right through to the big 400 litre cylinder

    Click here for Rinnai Electric Hot Water brochure

    With dual handed plumbing connections on the cylinders we can fit these systems in place of any brand of mains pressure hot water heaters without too much fuss or alterations to your existing plumbing & electrical serbices

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    Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane

    Solar water heaters come in two different types, close coupled or roof mounted tanks & split systems where the storage cylinder is located on the ground

    Roof mounted systems have a simple process, hot water rises, so the cooler water from the cylinder naturally falls to the solar collector panels & rises to the storage tank

    Very efficient way of heating water, but the downside is they can overheat regularly during summer months & dump massive amounts of water to cool down via the PTR valve

    Rinnai Solar hot water heaters, roof mounted tank & panels, tank has a 330 litre capacity, the hot water cylinders are available in the 5 year warranty vitreous enamel mild steel & stainless steel that has a 10 year warranty

    Split solar water heaters are similar in principle but with the tank installed below the panels, the water is pushed around via a small, low wattage circulating pump that it operated by temperature sensors located on the tank & panels

    Bosch Solar hot water heaters, split system solar, tank is installed on the ground & solar hot water panels are the only things on your roof, tanks come in 250, 300 & 400 litre capacities

    The cylinders are manufactured from mild steel with vitreous enamel lining, with 2 sacrificial anodes fitted to protect the tank & a 6 year cylinder warranty

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    Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Brisbane

    These systems are commonly known as "Air sourced solar" water heaters

    Works on a simply principle like a air-conditioner or refrigerator, but in reverse.

    Very cheap to run, BUT you need to be very careful of what brand you purchase

    Bosch heat pump hot water heaters are European design & manufactured, by far the best in the troubled Australia heat pump market that has so many bad products. Having a air sourced solar water heater that works right down to -7'c, when installed in our climate it has no comparison

    Stiebel Eltron, a German hot water company, also make a good heat pump that they manufacture & import from Germany

    Unfortunately there are a lot of very poor products in the Australian market

    We don't sell Rheem or Dux heat pumps without having the customer who requests these product sign a waiver that we will not be held responsible for warranty or product failures, this goes to show how good these hot water systems are!

    Dux are a shameful company when it comes to warranty & after sales service

    And then there are cheap systems made in China that are not durable for the Australian climate, remember the saying you get what you pay for, cheap is cheap for a reason.

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    Gas Hot Water Systems Brisbane

    Gas water heaters come in two varities, instantaneous (tankless) & storage types

    As the name says instantaneous is a system that heats the water as you use it

    Gas storage water heaters store heated water in a cylinder for you to draw off

    Bosch gas instantaneous hot water heaters, many years of proven quality & reliable gas hot water products

    Rinnai gas instantaneous hot water heaters, made in Japan, very reliable products

    Rheem gas hot water systems come in both instantaneous & storage cylinder types

    Vulcan also have a range of gas hot water heaters in instant & storage tank varieties

    Dux manufacture storage gas water heaters & their range of continuous systems are re labelled Rinnai water heaters

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