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28 March 2019

Rheem Hot Water Systems Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing offer quality hot water services on hot water systems from all major manufacturers on the Australian market, including Rheem...

19 March 2019

How To Extend The Life Of Your Hot Water System

If you want to protect your investment and keep your water heater running efficiently, follow our top tips for extending the lifetime of your hot water system...

06 March 2019

7 Signs Your Hot Water System Needs A Service

Regular maintenance will ensure that your hot water system is running efficiently and prevent small problems from developing into major repairs. If your hot water heater needs a service...

28 February 2019

How To Choose The Right Plumber

When you have a plumbing emergency, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is researching and comparing different plumbers. However, picking the right plumber will ensure that the job is completed to a high standard, and at the right price. So, next time you need a plumber, be sure to ask them the following questions...

22 February 2019

How To Save Money On Your Hot Water Usage

For most people, a hot water system is a necessity that you only really think about when it stops working. However, did you know that water heating can account for around 25% of the annual energy spend in Australian homes?

19 February 2019

5 Signs Your Hot Water Heater Is About To Breakdown

It’s easy to forget about your hot water system when it’s working, which is why many homeowners are completely unaware that their hot water heater is on the brink of a breakdown. To reduce the risk of waking up to a cold shower and potential water damage to your home stay on the lookout for these 5 signs...

05 February 2019

Leaking Hot Water System? Here's What To Do

A leaking hot water system may seem like a minor annoyance that can be put off for a while, however, if your hot water system has sprung a leak it could be an indication of a serious problem...

23 January 2019

Switching To A Tankless Hot Water System

- The Pros & Cons -

A tankless hot water heater is a hot water system that does not use a storage tank. Instead heating and storing water until it is needed like a traditional hot water system, tankless hot water systems heat water as it is needed...

16 January 2019

Brand New Hot Water Systems - Buy Now, Pay Later!*

Has your hot water system unexpectedly stopped working? Need hot water now? Looking for a quality hot water system installation that won’t break the bank? Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing has the solution...

11 January 2019

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Hot Water System

Has you hot water system stopped working? Looking for a cost effective solution that won’t break the bank? Click here for 3 common mistakes to avoid when replacing your hot water system that will save you money...

10 January 2019

Evacuated Tube vs. Flat Panel Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water system is a great way to both reduce your water heating costs and your carbon footprint. However, it can be difficult to know which of the two main types of solar hot water systems is right for you...

19 December 2018

Have You Checked Your Sacrificial Anode Lately?

Hot Water System Maintenance Tips

Have you ever wondered why your hot water system - a steel tank full of water - doesn’t rust? The answer is the sacrificial anode...

12 December 2018

7 Ways To Save Water This Summer

For most of us, summertime means the whole family’s home, which means more swimming, barbeques, and get togethers with family and friends. However, this also means that summer is a peak time for water usage as your family will be taking more showers, your garden will require more watering...

05 December 2018

Gas vs Electric Hot Water Systems

Not sure whether you should buy a gas or electric hot water system? Sun City Hot Water & Plumbing has the answer. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of both gas and electric hot water systems...

07 November 2018

Buying A Second Hand Hot Water System

f you’re looking for a discounted hot water system then a second hand hot water heater could be the solution. The obvious advantage of buying a second hand hot water system is the price...

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